HIV AND AIDS LAW AND POLICY IN NIGERIA (2022) by Simon Uchenna Ortuanya


“The text, HIV and AIDS Law and Policy in Nigeria, by Professor Simon Uchenna Ortuanya provides very detailed and timely analyses of key regulatory and legal issues that arise in the context of this disease. The ten chapters in the book offer a deep dive into a range of core issues that are central to an understanding of the intersection of law and public health in the AIDS arena. While the book focuses on how Nigerian law applies to HIV/AIDS, the author draws heavily on materials from other jurisdictions, which serves to deepen the analyses and makes the work relevant to anyone with an interest in the application of legal and regulatory principles in public health generally. There are many parallels that exist between the applications of law and governance considerations in the AIDS pandemic that have resonance in other infectious diseases, particularly Covid-19. As such, this book will be helpful for both students and professionals who are interested in exploring legal and policy issues specific to HIV/AIDS, as well as for those readers who have interests in public health law in other communicable disease contexts.” John D. Blum, Professor of Health Law & Policy, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, USA

  • Overview and Origin of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  • Legal and Institutional Framework of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic In Nigeria
  • Human Rights and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nigeria
  • Decriminalisation of HIV/AIDS Transmission in Nigeria
  • HIV/AIDS Vulnerable Groups in Nigeria
  • HIV/AIDS and Patents
  • HIV/AIDS and Sports
  • International Organizations and Programmes on HIV/AIDS
  • Judicial Reponses to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
  • Global Pandemics and Control
  • Appendices
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Simon Uchenna Ortuanya

Professor Simon Uchenna Ortuanya, formerly Associate Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, and Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu, Visiting Scholar, Loyola University Chicago, School of Law, is currently the Secretary to Enugu State Government, Nigeria.

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