GOD’S MEDICINE MEN & OTHER STORIES (2015) – by Tanure Ojaide


These ten short stories, of varying length, intensity and focus, are the first by Ojaide, published in the genre. The title story concerns the spiritual and sexual illusions, confusions and realities to which a young Nigerian girl, the daughter of a pastor, and the people in her milieu, are subjected. In a story entitled ‘I Used to Drive a Mercedes’, the author satirizes the life of a military general, Alfred, and his materialistic and glamour-seeking wife. He juxtaposes the wealth and position of Alfred’s youth and the pinnacle of his achievements: the purchase of a Mercedes, with the disheveled madness of his old age: by which time his car has been destroyed and his wife has left him. Another story, ‘The Bookcase’, is about a well- educated and vivacious woman’s efforts to publish aground breaking book. In what becomes an all-consuming struggle, she ends up paying for her ambition with her life, and only achieves recognition posthumously.

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