About Us


Malthouse Press Limited began in 1985 as a subsidiary of Malthouse Publishing UK Limited, Oxford, England. It is a bespoke publishing house with a laser focus on providing a high-quality publishing and printing service to Nigerians. In the decades that have passed, we have expanded our reach and cemented our position as a premier publishing house based in West Africa.


We have published so many African authors writing on a variety of subjects, ranging from Law to Humanities to Social Sciences and the Sciences. With offices placed strategically in the Northern, South-Western and Eastern regions of Nigeria, it is our pleasure to connect authors with their readers across the country as well as beyond our borders.


We are also part of the internationally-renowned African Books Collective (ABC) since its inception, which is an African-owned, worldwide marketing and distribution outlet for books from Africa, specializing in scholarly, literature and children’s books.



It’s very simple: We offer printing, publishing, book and cover design, word processing, marketing, distributing printed items and editorial services within Africa and the rest of the world.